Woman Saves Kitty Infected With Maggots – Take A Look At Him Now

Woman Saves Cat Infected Maggots Featured

We all are aware how struggle full life stray animals live. No one is there to take care of them. So they wander around to fulfil their basic needs.
A little stray kitty was rescued by Kathleen from the roadside. The kitty was in need of immediate medical assistance. The two friends took the kitty and kept him in a box while they took him to a vet. The kitty had a lot of wounds. The kitty was trying his best to escape in spite of his injuries.
The kitty was given proper treatment after removing the maggots. Kathleen knew that the kitty didn’t have a proper place to stay, so she took him home with her. Kathleen always wanted a kitty and she was really glad to find one. The kitty was named ‘Dizzy’ by her and she knew that the kitty deserved a happy and safe life.
Kathleen’s mother allowed her to keep the kitty till the time he found his forever home. The kitty recovered gradually with all the love and support that he was receiving from the family. Kathleen said,

He started becoming more alert and pouncing and playing. We began introducing him to our three dogs slowly. My dad said I could keep him until I left for school, but he had to come to school with me. As time went on, it went from that to ‘we paid his vet bills, he stays here’.

The kitty is everyone’s favourite and we are glad that he found his happy place.

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