Woman Replaces Ex-Boyfriend With Cat In Family Photos

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Chloe Forsberg has been going through a rough patch recently. She had been together with her boyfriend for four wonderful years. But sadly, the two broke up recently. One day, Chloe was feeling a bit nostalgic and decided to have a look at her old family photos. Naturally, her boyfriend was in quite a lot of them. And she didn’t like that, but there was nothing to be done about it. That is, until her sister, Emily, came up with a brilliant solution.

Emily decided to replace her sister’s boyfriend’s face with that of the family cat, Woof’s! The results are below, and they are just straight up hilarious. And quite wonderful too, because the next time Chloe decides to check out her old photos, she won’t feel sad or uncomfortable, but instead, she will be laughing her heart out! What a small yet amazing thing to do for your loved one! You go, Emily!

Check out the pictures, and what other people on Twitter thought about it below!






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