Woman Does Newborn Photo Shoot With Kitten, And The Pictures Have Stolen Our Hearts


Photoshoots are quite awesome. You get to appreciate, up close, the beauty of both people and things, depending on the type of photoshoot, of course.

Well, this woman from Michigan has fulfilled dreams of millions of people worldwide- dreams that they possibly never even had before. Dreams of a lovely, newborn kitten photo shoot!


The credit for this wonderful idea and an even more wondrous execution goes to Kitty Shaub. Kitty is a 30-year-old photographer, and she specializes in newborn photography.

This whole story began when Kitty and her husband decided to adopt an 8-week old kitten for their 5-year-old daughter Amelie. The decision was not a calculated one- one of their friend’s cat had given birth to a litter, and they just spontaneously decided to give one to Kitty’s family.


In the end, it turned out to be a wise decision. Within a few weeks, Amelie and the cat, Luna, were inseparable. They ate together, played together, and slept together.


And on one fine day, while Kitty Shaub was getting ready for a newborn photo shoot, she noticed Luna dozing in a corner. And that is when this brilliant idea struck her.


She decided to take newborn photos, but this time of Luna. She dressed up the cat in some vivid, colored fabrics and combed her hair and then went on to click some of the cutest photos of a newborn cat out there.

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And she absolutely loved it. So, she took even more photos, and in different settings. Sometimes with Luna in a bowl, sometimes with Luna on the bed. And when she finally uploaded these photos, the response was staggering. Cat lovers online went absolutely ga-ga over it.

Shaub even went ahead and created a 2017 calendar featuring these photos. And she donated all proceeds from the calendar sales towards cat shelters!

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