Woman Captures Her Kittens Helping a Blind Raccoon

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Even though humans have evolved to become the wisest of all animals, there are still a lot of things that we need to learn from animals. The feline ones are seen as really smart and maybe selfish at times. But they are the ones that can teach us a lot more about friendship than humans can. The fur balls know the true essence of friendship. If you don’t understand how they can do this, then you need to read this.
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A blind raccoon was spotted by a lady in the back yard, but what happened after that is truly heart warming.

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The two pet kittens of this lady know very well how to welcome a guest. The two black kittens went ahead to help the raccoon find his way.

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The feline creatures instantly became friends with the raccoon even though they have met him just a moments ago. They were by his side and were carefully guiding him.

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Watch this video to see the kittens helping the raccoon that was just a stranger to them. cats know very well how to help the one in need. It’s a really heart warming site and truly a delight to everyone’s heart!

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