Woman Banned From Owning Animals After Trying To Cure Cat’s Cancer With Honey

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Denise Smith’s kitty was suffering from cancer. So she found some miracle way online to cure her kitty of the disease. She used honey to cure the kitty. But unfortunately, this honey trick worked against the woman. She was banned from keeping a pet forever.

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Blacky, the kitty, had timorous cancer that had spread through her legs. Instead of taking the kitty to the vet, Smith decided to find the way to cure the online. The kitty’s health was degrading day by day. So a neighbor contacted RSPCA to seek help.

After inspecting the RSPCA team said that the kitty had wounds so deep that they had spread to the tendons. The honey was surely useful to cure small wounds but it didn’t work for serious wounds. People are encouraged to seek medical aid, instead of trying their own techniques.

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Blacky was operated upon and saved. The kitty is now living in another home, where he is completely safe. The kitty was fortunate to survive through it even after help was delayed due to his owner’s mistake.
Share the story of this kitty with your family and friends so that they are saved from committing such a huge blunder. Comment below to share your view and opinions with us.

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