Wife Doesn’t Believe That Cat Has Been Stealing Treats, So Husband Records it And Shows The Hilarious Video To The World!


Growler is a very smart and handsome kitty. He lives in Luton, England with a very loving family. The kitty not only finds a way to get everything that he wants, but also puts his life in danger to get it. No, we are not just saying anything. This is actually true. Growler the cat is absolutely obsessed with Dreamies Cat Treats!


The kitty can even cross difficult obstacles to get the delicious cat treat.


IMG 20180311 183621


The kitty tried really hard to make his hooman understand the love that he feels for the yummy cat treat. However, it just felt like an impossible task. So he went ahead and decided to grab the cat treats whenever he liked. There was no one to stop the kitty. But we just want to tell you to be a little careful there.


IMG 20180311 183631


The hooman of the kitty captured him while he was trying to steal the cat treats from the kitchen cupboard. The kitty is a real seeker as he found the place where his hooman was hiding the cat treats without much efforts.


IMG 20180311 183642


Wayne Cinnamond is the proud owner of the kitty. He always knew that the kitty was really smart, but this act of the kitty proved everything beyond all doubts.


IMG 20180311 183651


The kitty tried his best to get the cat treats. He even hung around for a while in hope that his efforts would bore some fruit, but to no avail. Still the kitty went on trying till his hooman finally came around to help him.


IMG 20180311 183703


Well, the efforts of the kitty are truly commendable and appreciable. Cats are not lazy at all. They just chose to put their efforts in some selective tasks only.


IMG 20180311 183713


Watch the video of this kitty trying to stealthily lay his hand over some cat treats. Keep it up, kitty!


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