Why Cats Follow You to the Bathroom, According to Science

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Cats have their own reasons to do what they do. They need not explain everything to their humans. Now, cats have this peculiar habit of following you to the bathroom. But have you ever wondered why?
The furballs obviously love their humans even when they don’t like to show it. They follow their humans everywhere. Now you may not ask what everywhere includes if you own a cat. They have all the right to invade your privacy, even in the bathroom.



There are several stories where the cats will follow you to the bathroom and create a tantrum when locked out. But no one is able to explain why they act in such a manner. Maybe the kitty is just seeking your attention and that’s the only place when you are not distracted by anything. The smart kitty knows when to do the trick.


According to what we can figure out, the cats only follow you to the bathroom because they love you unconditionally. They will follow you to the end of the world in order to get your attention.
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