What Is Your Cat Dreaming About?

Dreaming Cat By I Am Mad

It is a known fact that cats love to sleep. The average household kitty sleeps about 15 to 18 hours a day, yes, A DAY! And a lot of pet owners wonder when they see their cat sleeping- does she dream, and if yes, of what?

Cats have sleep cycles, just like humans do. They move through multiple stages of sleep- from slow wave sleep to REM sleep. The latter is the one during which most of the dreaming occurs. Cats enter REM sleep every 25 minutes, as opposed to humans who do so every 90 minutes. And it is during this period that cats dream, latest research shows.

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Kitties dream of their daily activities just like we do. And often, cats display a range of physical actions when they go through their dreams. The cat may twitch its tail, gnarl, hiss or even chatter. And as the kitten grows older, the part of the brain that switches off the muscles when cats go to sleep becomes less and less effective. Older cats show even more physical activity while dreaming.
So the next time you see your cat twitch or hiss during a sleep, she might be having a dream about all those cuddles you gave her, or of all that food she ate during the day. Who knows.

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