Video Caught An UberEats Driver Eating French Fries Before Ringing Cusotmer’s Door Bell


If you have started using UberEats service, you may want to think twice and start paying more attention to what delivery men do, after watching this video.

This video went viral a few days ago and people around the world have been showing their anger over a delivery man who was caught helping himself to french fries after reaching a customer’s home. UberEats delivery guy reaches home, rings the bell and starts enjoying fries before the customer opens the door. But luckily, everything was recorded on CCTV camera.

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Home security footage has exposed a food delivery driver helping himself to a meal while he waited for an unsuspecting customer to come to the door

This video was recorded and posted by a close friend of Hot Breakfast radio host Eddie McGuire. McGuire was telling his listeners that he suspects the delivery man.

Video credit: Triple M’s Hot Breakfast/Facebook

He told the audience that a lot of time french fries weigh way too less than expectation. He told everything to his friend, who decided to set up a security camera system and see if the UberEats driver is a real culprit or no.

And as expected, on Monday he finally was able to record the whole incident. He was shocked so he decided to share the video with McGuire, who later on shared the whole incident with his listeners.

CCTV camera clearly caught the delivery man taking out a big piece of fries and eating it without any fear and even standing in front of the door. Although McGuire was really pissed off, one of his co-hosts said, ‘if you can’t get a tip, you’ve gotta get a chip’ explaining that maybe the guy wasn’t paid very well and Melbourne is quite expensive to live.

This video divided the netizens into two groups. Some were very angry at what the delivery man did as the act is no less than stealing and should be punished as per the laws. On the other hands, some people took his side saying that he looks quite poor who are working and delivering fast food for ‘lazy rich people’.

Well, there is always two sides of the story, it’s up to you whichever side you want to look at. But still, he shouldn’t have done what he did. What do you think?

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