This Japanese Company Pays Its Employees For Every Cat They Rescue

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A Japanese company has found the best way to make their employees happy. Ferray Corporation is an IT company and understands the sentiments of his employees very well. They know that it can get a little boring at times for the employees so they have come up with a scheme which will work as an incentive for them. The company has decided to pay every employee who rescues a cat. Isn’t that amazing! The company is not only helping the poor felines but has also succeeded in motivating their employees to come to work.

The company claims that the employees are much more enthusiastic their work and they feel more satisfied with their work as well.

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The employees are paid a cat bonus of up to 5,000 yen (that’s ~$45 USD) for rescuing poor cats that need help.

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The cats are allowed to move freely around the office. Moreover, the employees are also allowed to bring their pet kitties to the office.

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It’s a dream job for every cat lover. They don’t have to feel bad about leaving their cats at home.

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It is observed by the company that this has led to increased productivity and lower stress levels among the employees.

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The cats do the job of supervising and motivating the employees and they are really good at it.

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Who wouldn’t like to work here!


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