This Dog Would Always Stare Out The Window But When A Letter Arrives, It Gives Him A Chance For Love

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Do you know what all emotions your little pets can feel? Well, just like you, feeling of love can hit your pets really hard too. It’s just that they do not have as many chances as you to meet their lover. So they have to switch to other ways just to have a look at the one they love.

A young dog used to stare out the window whole day long, and sadly his hooman was completely clueless about what was going on in his life. But this dog was secretly looking out for his love that lived in another house.

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Surprisingly, an adorable kitty used to stare back at the dog from the house across the yard. It was clear that the two of them were absolutely in love. But sadly, some plants came between the two of them and they couldn’t see each other any longer.

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The dog got really depressed, but he wouldn’t stay that way for long. His hooman realised what was going on and she knew that she had to unite the two lovers.

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So the dog’s hooman wrote a heart warming message for the cat’s hooman giving an explanation about the entire situation.

Cat’s hooman was very supportive of the lovely relationship and immediately removed the plants from that place. It’s always great to see happy lovers together!

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