This Cat Keeps Stuffing Himself into Boxes – And Nobody Knows Why [8 Pics]


We all know how much cats love boxes. If your kitty ever goes missing, just look in the boxes and you will find your kitty. Some the kitties were captured by their hoomans while they were trying to show some of their artistic skills of fitting inside the box. Many of you will be amazed to see the spaces these kitties can fill. Some of them won’t even cross your imagination.

#1 Did you put something in the box? Well, I really liked the box, so I thought you won’t mind taking them out of here.



#2 When you are trying to put everything in its purrfect place, but your kitty takes over the task of deciding how things should be placed.



#3 This is the farthest you would have ever seen a kitty fit in. Well, we appreciate your efforts kitty.



#4 This kitty is having all the fun in the world. He feels so light that he can just take a dive and melt away.



#5 Is that kitty really liquefied or is it just an imagination? What do you think?


23 13

#6 Where did the kitty go. Oh look! He is hiding right there. Well, the kitty is really good at the game of hide and seek.


20 16

#7 Look at this cosy furry blanket. But wait is it really a blanket or an adorable furry kitty hanging in there.

8 57

#8 The kitty knows how to play the role of a detective really well. You won’t even know and his work would be done. That’s how purrfect this kitty is at performing his job.

6 64

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