This cat is asking for food by staring into your soul!

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There are so many animals in the world today that struggle to live, day by day. These animals have to search hard for both food and shelter. It would be very kind of us humans to provide them with at least food whenever we can.

This kitty also goes through something similar. The poor kitty was living on its own,out in the wild. But in her arsenal, she had an extremely potent weapon. A stare, that would send chills right down to your spine. A stare, that would shake your soul itself.

The kitty can be seen peeping in through a window. She just calmly places her paws on the sill, and unleashes her deadly stare. The human recording the video has barely any alternatives than to give in and actually feed her. Thankfully, the person managed to get this small video of the stare on tape before that.

Prepare yourself and dive into this amazing video featuring this kitty who can stare straight down into souls!

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