These ‘Stupid Cat Drawings’ Are So Lovably Accurate That They Will Steal Your Heart

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Sometimes it just gets impossible to stop while scrolling through cat posts when you are a cat lover. It’s not only the adorable cats, but also the creativity of people who love cats. They are either coming up with hilarious cat memes or dressing their cats in the cutest way possible. This cat lover chose to draw stupid drawings of the feline creatures that depict them very well.

#1 Why did you wake me up so early? I need more sleep.

1 13

#2 This kitty’s look is enough to melt anyone’s heart. Why are you looking at me like that?

18 5

#3 This one is really dazzled by something, but it’s hard to figure out what exactly.


#4 This couldn’t me more apt. This drawing successfully depicts the innocence of the kitty.


#5 How did you even manage to do that? This one is absolutely talented.


#6 Hilarious, but cute depiction of the kitty who seems a little bored though. This kitty needs to see this drawing.


#7 Is this kitty thinking about the yummy cat treats he refused because he is on a diet. That diet is going to end soon.


#8 When will my hooman stop bragging about his new car. Like I am just here and you can brag about me as well.


#9 This kitty is in a really awkward position right now. We will get you out of there soon!


#10 This kitty finally did it!


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