There’s an inn in Japan that lets you rent a cat for your stay!

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Sometimes it’s not easy to take your kitty everywhere you go and you cant do anything when you miss them at that time. But you won’t have to worry about staying away from cats if you are visiting Japan. Yugawara Inn has got a special feature which allows you to rent a kitty during your stay. Now that is every cat lover’s dream.

The hotel has a cat café that you can visit and find a cat that you can form a bond with. And if you think that you have found your cat, you can stay with it for the rest of your stay there.

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Spending a vacation where you don’t have to miss your cat is just amazing. And if you don’t own a cat, then you can have a trial to see if you can live with a cat.

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We all make some new friends when we go on vacations. Now cats can be one of them.

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The only bad side to this is that you will really miss this cat when you leave.

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The kitty will not only be a part of your vacation memories but also a part of your heart when you leave.

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Here are some beautiful cats that you can spend your time with at the Yugawara Inn!

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