The Story Of Instagram’s Most Famous Cat Nala, Who Has 3.5M Followers

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Instagrams Most Famous Cat Nala 605
Social media has made it very easy to spread around any information. Nala’s human thought that the story of the kitty is worth sharing with the world. Her human created kitty’s account on Instagram to share about kitty’s everyday life with everyone. But the surprise came when the kitty got around 3.5 million followers. Her human never thought that the kitty will get so famous.
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Nala is gaining fame and popularity very quickly. There are huge chances that you might have already heard about the kitty. Nala didn’t have an easy past. She has seen a lot of rough times in the past. The kitty never thought that she would ever find love and happiness.
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Nala’s previous owners gave the kitty to a shelter home. After that the kitty struggled for a while to survive. It is really difficult for kitties to lead a good life in shelter homes. The shelter homes are either overcrowded or not adequately equipped to take care of the animals most of the times. Some of the animals are also killed because of this reason. Nala was fortunate that Varisiri Mathachittiphan adopted her. The kitty is now living an amazing life that she never even imagined.
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