The best babysitter: This cat has absolutely nailed multitasking

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A lot of people feel that it is unsafe for babies to be around cats. The feline creatures may harm the baby if it gets too close to him. However, in reality, things are a lot different. The feline creatures are not at harmful for babies. In fact, a cat can never hurt the person he loves and they sure have a thing for little babies. If you don’t believe us, then you will after you watch the way this little kitty cares for the baby!

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This kitty just proved that he can be the best babysitter of the world. The parents of this baby are absolutely carefree when the little kitty is around the baby.

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The little kitty formed a close bonding with the baby very soon. He not only takes care of him, but loves to play with the baby and make him laugh all the time.

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Even the baby can’t stay from the adorable kitty and feels safe with him.

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Just have a look at this short video clipping of the baby and his furry friend spending some quality time together. They both know that it could get a little lonely in this world without a true friend. And they have nothing to worry about when they have one another.


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