Strange Cat Likes Mail Dumped on Her Head [VIDEO]

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Cats are self-centred and a bit selfish too. Feed them with attention and they will be yours. A cat would do anything for your attention. Now, this kitty got his own tactics. The kitty is always beside her owner and won’t leave her alone even for a moment.

The cat loves it when her human drops the mail on her head. The kitty feels honored to get it dropped over her tiny head. She feels that she is helping her human in an important task. She decided to sit there on the floor and ensures that every mail should touch her head before dropping to the ground. It looks like the kitty is checking that there is nothing wrong with the mail.

Have a look at the video of the kitty helping her human sorting the mail. This is truly hilarious. It would surely make you laugh till you drop. Well, the kitty really got everyone’s attention with her small acts.

Watch the video of the kitty here!

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