Shelter Illustrates “Cat Thoughts” To Help Them Get Adopted!

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Everyone has their strategy to get things done and so do our little fur balls. We all know that they are very eager to get adopted and find their own home as soon as they can. None of the furballs like to stay at the shelter home for a long time.

Our kitties love to be pampered and get everyone’s attention. They are not going to stay away from their family for a long time. So these smart creatures have their own strategies and techniques to lure humans to take them home. Here are some of the stunning ideas that our kitties have got. Our kitties are receiving the help of the staff team at RSPCA Leybourne Animal Centre. They have got some creative ideas to help the kitties find their purrfect homes.

Janine Pemberthy, one of the staff members at RSPCA Leybourne Animal Centre said,

‘We decided to decorate the cat pods to show the type of homes the cats were dreaming of in the hope of persuading more people to stop at their pens and talk to them. We hope our art project will help us find new, loving homes for all our beautiful cats!

Henry, the kitty, faced an unfortunate accident due to which he lost a leg. The kitty now awaits the arrival of his home to take him to his purrfect home. Maybe you could be the one.

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Hermione and Lil Kim, the two adorable kitties, has been together since forever. They are there with each other even when they are waiting to get adopted.

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Molly is a senior kitty and would like to spend the rest of the years of his life with a lovely family. The kitty has had some bad memories in the past. She surely deserves the best now.

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Kizzy is a loving and affectionate kitty.

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The friendly staff are trying their best to find a forever home for these kitties.

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