Shelter Cat Falls In Love With Man Who Visits, Will Stop At Nothing To Get His Attention

Shelter Cat Attention Man Featured 2

It’s not just humans who fall in love with kitties. Sometimes it happens the other way round too. This kitty fell in love with a Petsmart store’s employee and she did everything to ensure that he knows about it. The kitty wants him to be her owner and you will be amazed to see what the kitty did.

Shelter Cat Attention Man Featured


The kitty was taken to the centre to help her find a new home. A lot of people visited every day so they thought that the kitty will soon find a human. But the kitty had already taken the decision. From the very first time she saw the employee, the kitty knew that he is the one for her.
The kitty kept pawing at the window until the time that employee noticed her. Fortunately, the efforts of the kitty bore fruits. The employee was absolutely impressed by the efforts made by the kitty. He even discussed with his girlfriend about adopting the cat. As soon as the kitty was let out of her cage, she jumped into the employee’s arms and gave him a tight hug.
The man decided to adopt the kitty and started with all the paperwork. The kitty was named Pork Chop by the couple. The kitty is super comfortable in her home.

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