Senior Cat Who Lost Owner Clings To Favorite Stuffed Animal

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Hoonie, a sixteen year old kitty, never expected that his life will turn upside down in a short span of few days. The kitty was shattered after he lost his hooman. The daughter of the kitty’s hooman decided to keep the kitty. However, she had to give up the kitty as her son and she was allergic to cats. This was really misfortunate for the kitty.

Alley Cat Rescue which is situated in Maryland decided to give shelter to the kitty. hoonie was not alone. His favourite stuffed cat accompanied kitty to the shelter.

Cat Cuddling With Stuffed Animal

The little stuffed toy was the only thing that kitty was left with from his hooman. So Hoonie kept it close and refused to give it up.

Cat In Shelter

The staff at the shelter home was surprised to see the cat’s attachment to the toy. They felt that the little toy acted like a support system for the kitty that had lost his hooman.

Cat Looking Out Window

The stuffed toy has been there with the kitty for a long time. There are even pictures of the kitty with the toy when he was younger.

Cat Lying On His Back

The shelter home wanted the kitty to find a forever home soon as he was a senior cat.

Cat With His Stuffed Animal

Grant said,

He is a senior cat in the last stages of his life, so I think people have a hard time dealing with the idea of adopting a cat and making a connection, just for the cat to pass away. But I’m sure that whoever gets hi and adopts him will have a great few years with him. He’s such a sweetheart.

Cat With Stuffed Animals

Source: AnimalChannel

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