Russian Artist Draws 15 Hilariously True Cat Comics


Cat comics are always amusing, but these are some of the top cat comics that will surely make your day. Have a look at them here!

#1 This is how cats make their hoomans believe in things that don’t even exist. Stupid humans never use their brains, but it’s so much fun for us.


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#2 When you are just try to help your cat, but they decide that it’s not the right thing at all.


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#3 Do you what’s the easiest way to make your kitty look thin? Just give her a bath. But guess what, she will never be happy with that.


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#4 Sometimes our cats pay for being over smart as well, but they still try to turn things to show that they are the wiser ones, always.


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#5 When you trying to get some sleep, but your kitty decides that she can’t leave you alone.


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#6 Kitties like to mark their territory, even if it gets a little awkward for you at times.


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#7 When you think that your kitty is happy with the bed you gave him, but then you get to use it yourself. Cats are the real boss and they will never fail to show you your real place.


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#8 How dare you sleep when I am in the mood to play. Get up, right now!


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#9 When your kitty goes in a trance and shows you its other side, you just accept it.


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#10 When your kitty is not happy with the food you served him. What will you do now? you should have thought about it before.


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#11 Your love for cats will make you do things that you never even imagined you would do.


IMG 20180313 224614

#12 When your cat has desires that are really difficult to understand.


IMG 20180313 224638

#13 It’s time you find another hooman for yourself. I’m tired of looking after your dreams.


IMG 20180313 224654

#14 How dare you think about another kitty?


IMG 20180313 224703

#15 When your kitty totally understands how you feel.


IMG 20180313 224721

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