Rescued Panther Expresses Love to His New Daddy by Biting His Finger [VIDEO]

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Cats are truly beautiful and glamorous. But the huge wild cats are a marvel to stare at. Not only are they capable of intimidating you, but they are absolutely intriguing. A panther was rescued by a panther and you will be amazed to see how kind the big creature is. The panther loves his human so much so that he plays with him by sucking on his fingers.

Have a look at the video of the panther playing with his rescuer. The big wildcat didn’t have a better way to show his love.

The panther is being taken care of by a nonprofit organization. Kal El, the panther, was rescued by Eduardo and brought to this organization. Now, it could be really scary to get close to this wild creature, let alone rescue one. But Eduardo has the heart of a lion. He is courageous and really brave to save the big wild cat.

Now how could the panther attack his rescuer? The two have bonded really well in a small span of time.
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