Rescued Dog Brings in a Surprise With Her!

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You might have seen cats and dogs together, but only in situations when one of them is chasing and the other one is escaping. But there might be instances when you would see them rescuing one another. Surprised? Well, everyone at the rescue home was also surprised when they rescued a dog that was taking care of a stray kitten. This is a scenario that you hardly come across, so getting surprised is completely fine.

Anderson Animal Control was called to take care of a dog that wouldn’t stop barking. This was a usual thing for Officer Michelle Smith.


The dog was found trapped in a ravine, but she was not alone. Surprisingly, there was a kitten that was tagging along her.


The two of them were alone and didn’t have a collar. It maybe even possible that the dog went to the ravine to save the kitty as she was capable of getting out of there easily.


After reaching the rescue home, the two of them wouldn’t leave each other alone even to get a bath or vaccination. The dog made it clear that she would take care of the kitty.



Smith hadn’t seen such a bonding between two different species before this. She was really glad that she got to witness it.

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