Rescue Kitten Won’t Stop Meowing. Owner Returns to Shelter, Finds Out Why

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Finding a purrfect home is really difficult for a kitty and in some cases it is next to impossible. The shelter homes are flowing with stray animals that are in desperate need to get adopted. You would be shocked to know about the number of animals that are brought to the shelter home every year.
Around 3.4 million kitties are taken to the shelter home every year and 1.4 million out of them are killed as there isn’t enough space available for them and the facilities to take care of them. It is really heartbreaking but it’s true.

Ares was fortunate to find a forever home. He and his sister were living in Wisconsin Humane Society’s Door County Campus. Ares was adopted by Alana Hadley who instantly fell in love with the kitty.

Aphrodite, the kitty’s sibling, was already getting adopted by someone else. So Alana couldn’t take her home.

The kitty was comfortable with his new home, but as night came, something strange happened. The kitty wouldn’t sleep and continued meowing.

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Hadley thought that maybe the kitty was feeling lonely so he gave the kitty some stuff toys to play with. However, nothing happened. The kitty continued meowing.

Hadley was worried about the kitty. So she sent a note to the shelter home.

The note read,

He has been almost non-stop meowing until he goes to sleep and then meows again when he’s awake.

Hadley took the kitty to the shelter home and came to know that he was terribly missing his sister. Furthermore, Aphrodite’s pending adoption was cancelled. Hadley knew that this time she has to take both of them home. So that’s what she did.

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That’s how she got the kitty to calm down a bit and eventually he stopped meowing.

Hadley said,

They both love to cuddle and purr like crazy when we are holding them. They sleep most of the day and they cuddle each other when they sleep!

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