Rare Footage of the World’s Smallest Cat

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This kitty is the smallest one of the cat family. The Rusty Spotted is the smallest cat in the entire world. They are almost half of the size of the domestic kitties and the lions are almost two hundred times larger than these small felines. There isn’t much known about the behavior and ecology of these creatures.

They are even more secretive than the other cats and their size helps them to hide it all well. The footage below was captured with much difficulty. In the video, the kitty is seen wandering in the Sri Lankan forests. The kitty can’t stay away from trouble for long.

The source of the video clip is a BBC documentary that works on exploring the life of the wild and huge cats that inhabit this planet. You don’t have to wait more to see the little creature. The video is shared below!

Just look at the adorable little creature. You all have seen how adorable these furballs are. It wouldn’t have taken them long to steal your hearts. Many of you must be wondering if you could keep one. They may look adorable, but taking care of them isn’t as easy as it might seem.

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