People Share Hilarious Stories Behind Their Pets’ Nickname

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One of the most difficult things after getting a cat is deciding what to name them. Well, some may like to give a serious name to their pets, while on the other hand some pet owners want to make it the funniest one. Well, what’s hilarious is the story behind deciding the name of your little pet. Here are some of the most hilarious stories behind a pet name. Do give it a read!

#1 It seems that this one approves of the name completely.


#2 Even this one got a little confused with the name there!

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#3 Now what else could a pet ask from his hooman! This one totally nailed it.

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#4 Do you have some more names? We will happily accept them.

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#5 This one may be called Sheldon Cooper, but we are not sure if he is actually as smart as him.

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#6 This kitty’s names are as adorable as she is.

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#7 Who knows if these cats might get offended at times!

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#8 This kitty made a lot of adjustments with her name. We have to appreciate the kitty for that.

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#9 This kitty has had enough. Why can’t you just stick to one name!

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#10 No doubt this kitty got sick when he heard about Chester’s death.

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