One-Eyed Snaggletooth Cat Looks A Bit Different— But He Knows He’s Beautiful All The Same


It’s not necessary that you should look purrfect to live a good life. Humans have set a certain standards for beauty. Not only humans but the feline creatures should also look a certain way in order to be considered adorable and beautiful. Not much is required from the cats but they too must fulfil certain criteria.

Willie, the kitty, wasn’t purrfect but that doesn’t mean that he can’t have a good life. His humans feel that the kitty is purrfect the way he is.


Willie is a Maine Coon whose coat is decorated with stripes that are tiger like. Willie is not like any other kitty. He is a bit special. People were not even certain if the kitty would survive for long.


The kitty was born with a single eye. His jaw was also not completely developed. The kitty was famous as a single snaggletooth.


Willie proved everyone wrong and made it through. Kristen feels very lucky to be the kitty’s human mom. Kristen has been taking care of the kitty ever since he was a little kitten. Now the kitty is really smart and handsome.


The kitty loves Kristen more than anything in the world. They share an amazing bonding with each other. Kristen likes to cuddle with the kitty before going to sleep.


The kitty doesn’t let his human mother leave him alone. He wished that he could stay with him all the time.


Willie welcomes his human mom whenever she gets back home with a huge hug. He likes to sit by the door and wait for his mom.


Kristen also adopted another one eyed kitty and named her Millie. The kitty got a surgery and she is recovering from it quickly.

The cats are very happy with their human mom. They all are having the best times of their lives.

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