Notice How Calico Cats Are Almost Always Female? Here’s Why

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Want to get a female feline? Go get a Calico! Now, this may sound surprising but it’s true. Calico cats are mostly female. Calico cats are the ones with the black, orange and the white coat. The presence of all three colors is necessary to call a kitty a Calico. Now it is not another feline breed, just the color of their coat that makes them different from the rest.

The Humane Society has found that only one out of three thousand calico cats would be a male. So the possibility of getting a male Calico is very low.

Calico Cat

The reason for this lies in the genes of these cats. The sex chromosomes work in the same way in cats as in humans.

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Further, the color of the cat’s coat is dominated by the X chromosome. So in order to be a Calico, a kitty needs to have both black and orange genes.

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Most of the male cats have the color of their mother kitty’s fur making it really easy to predict the color of a male feline.

Male calicos do not have major health issues considering how rare they are. However, research shows that most of these cats have malformed sexual organs and are sterile.

So if you own a male calico cat, you should be really proud to own a unique one!

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