No Nose Nigel: Adorable Kitten Whose Face “Fell Off” Finally Gets Reconstructive Surgery

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A little kitty was rescued from a dumpster and had severe injuries. The kitty’s entire face was in such a terrible condition that his nose came off while being treated. The kitty has recently got a surgery to fix the broken nose.

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The rescue team was really shocked to see the kitty’s condition. The kitty had to wait for sometime before getting operated. The kitty has got a lot of supporters on Instagram. Nigel, the kitty, is more commonly known as the no nose kitty. The kitty is really adorable and gels well with everyone.

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Pavletic, the vet who performed the surgery, is unsure what caused the kitty’s situation. But he felt that the kitty might have faced some trauma. The kitty might have been trapped somewhere. In spite of his condition, Nigel is full of spirit for life. He is truly cheerful and playful. He doesn’t even seem to recognise his injuries.

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The kitty has severe problems when it comes to eating his food. Still, the kitty manages somehow by spilling some water here and there. Apart from his injuries, the kitty is healthy.

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Nigel will be fit and fine once he recovers from the weakness from the surgery. The kitty has suffered all this while. But now it’s time to begin with a happy life.

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