Ninja Kitten Shows a Lovely Doberman Who’s Boss! [VIDEO]

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Sophie, a little kitty was found abandoned at the restroom of a gas station in Canada. The kitty was rescued and given a forever home. The kitty had to share the home with her buddy Bishop, a Doberman.

The kitty didn’t take much time to bond with the family. She is very playful and adorable. But the little kitty never leaves a chance to show that she is the boss at home. Every now and then, the kitty comes up with a ninja move to show Bishop that she is the one to rule. Poor Bishop doesn’t get offended at all. Being the elder one, he understands the playful tricks of the kitty.

Have a look at the video of the kitty showing off some ninja moves. The kitty is really quick to move and doesn’t stop even for a while. The two may seem to be fighting with each other, but they don’t think twice when it comes to fighting for one another.

Watch the video here!

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