New Halloween Film Is So Scary Viewers Are Reportedly Wetting Themselves In Cinemas


‘Tis the season to not be able to go the toilet at night without turning on every light in the house. But if you’re not quite yet feeling uncomfortably anxious enough in your own home, then maybe you should go and see Halloween.

The horror is so scary that people are claiming they are actually pissing their pants – now that sounds too good an opportunity to turn down right?

The film enjoyed a record-breaking opening weekend in the US, grossing $77.5 million (£59.2m) in the box office over the first three days since its release, making it the most successful film in the Halloween franchise.


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But better still, it seems these viewers got value for money, with cinema-goers taken to social media in their droves to revel in how very frightened they were.

Numerous people on Twitter claimed they nearly/actually pissed themselves.

One person said: “Halloween was sooooooo good, bitch i almost pissed myself.”

Another said: “We just saw the new halloween and i nearly pissed myself like four times that shit was spooky.”

And another: “I deadass watched Halloween and pissed myself.”

Rave reviews indeed.

‘But what’s the point in pissing myself if I can still sleep soundly?’, I hear you ask.

Fear not, symptoms of watching this film extend way beyond simple inter-pant urination.

One person said: “I can’t go to sleep because I’m thinking about that Halloween movie.”

Another said: “My mom can’t sleep and is in the living room with all the lights on. The Halloween movie really did a number on her this morning. She’s so cute.”

The film sees Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as Laurie Strode and picks up 40 years after the original. The film is basically a straight-up sequel to the 1978 classic and disregards any of the previous sequels – including Halloween H:20 and the Rob Zombie spin-offs.

The film has also set the record for the highest grossing horror with a female lead.

The film currently has 79 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.5 on IMDB.

It’s also been generally well-received by critics, with Observer film buff Mark Kermodecalling it ‘a knowingly intelligent reboot’.

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures



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