Meet Widdle – The Tiny Ginger Kitten Who Never Grows Up!


If we are being frank, out of all the young ones of all animals, kittens are right up they are as the cutest. Their fragile and innocent nature just melts everyone’s heart. And this story serves as another reminder of that fact.This kitten too stole someone’s heart, but for different reasons that you may actually think.

This story is of two feline siblings that Jessie, a vet nurse, took in in her workplace in New Zealand.

The ginger kitty, Widdle, was just six weeks old. His frame was extremely small and week- comparable to that of a 4-week old kitten. But he was definitely the happiest and the most talkative of the bunch. Widdle and Jessie’s relationship took off the very first moment the two set their eyes on each other.

Jessie explains that she monitored Widdle for a few weeks, and her frame didn’t really grow. Jessie and her team are trying to determine the cause for Widdle’s slow growth. But despite her frame, the kitty is as lively and loving as they come! Now, at the age of 17 weeks, he looks like a 7-week old kitten!

Check out this video which nicely explains Widdle’s life!

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