Meet The Laziest Internet Star – 19-Years Old Cat From Japan

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Ura, the nineteen year old kitty, has spent some awesome years with her human in the purrfect home. She is white Scottish Fold kitty and absolutely beautiful. Years might have passed, but she still holds her beauty and charm. You will be completely amazed after having a look at some of the pictures of this gorgeous kitty.

#1 The bunny look is everyone’s favourite and the kitty just wears it right.


#2 This happens when she is not in the mood to pose or just not convinced for it.


#3 Those sleep eyes are enough to melt anyone’s heart.


#4 The kitty is all set for the sunny day. Let’s go!


#5 This princess look is her special and the best one too.


#6 When you think she is not around, but she is playing the detective kitty.


#7 When you forget to feed the kitty, but she still bears with you patiently.


#8 Have you seen something more adorable than this snowy kitty?


#9 When she is all serious and not in a mood to play, but then she remembers she is a cat. So she does it with style.


#10 And when it’s night, the kitty wants to sleep tight.


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