Meet Rubble: The 30-Year-Old Cat That Looks Like a Young Kitten!

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It is rightly said that appearances can be deceptive. For instance, this kitty may seem like a little kitten but you will be completely shocked when you will come to know about his age. Rubble, the kitty was adopted by Michele Foster in 1988 and has been leading a happy life since then. Foster was living alone when she took in Rubble. She thought that adopting a cat would be the best thing.

Now, after thirty years, Foster shares a special bond with the kitty as she has no other children to care for. Michele says that Rubble is a lovely kitty though he has become grumpy with time.

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Rubble is only taking medicines for blood pressure and has no other disease. He was given treats and free check up by the vets on his birthday in May.

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Rubble is believed to be the oldest cat alive in the whole world. He doesn’t look like he is an old kitty and is very active.

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Michele knows that the kitty may be old enough to be considered for Guinness World Record, but she is not sure if she would go ahead with it. She feels that the cat may not seem old, but he wouldn’t like to attract people’s attention. Michele wants that the kitty should lead a peaceful life and that means everything to her.

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