Meet Lilly, The Cat With Weird Eyebrows Who Looks Like She’s Always Judging You [Gallery]

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Every cat hooman has been secretly wondering if their furry friends judge them for who they are. You must have done it too when you must have caught your kitty staring at you with love or maybe pity. Well, that’s how cats are and you can’t do anything about it. Even if you try to find out, you will never know anything about it. Cats’ mind will always be a mystery to their hoomans.
But Lily, the kitty, has nothing to hide. She doesn’t care if anyone feels offended; she won’t hide her disappointment from anyone. The feline ones get disappointed the most when they view their hoomans with a critical eye.
This two-year-old kitty is not afraid and clearly expresses through her eyebrows that is very judgemental. Have a look and you will know!





















Did you understand now what we were talking about? Even though the kitty seems like she is judging everyone all the time, but believe us that is not how it is. The kitty is blessed with these furious eyebrows that won’t rest. Lily is a very social and lovely kitty. She loves to be around people even when she is judging them.

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