Meet Kiddo – A Cat Abandoned Twice But Probably The Smartest Cat in the World

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This kitty was abandoned twice by his owners in the period of two months. It was pretty heartbreaking for the kitty, but he didn’t give up. Maybe his previous owners didn’t see how talented the kitty was. The one who rescued this kitty after being abandoned twice was lucky enough to find this kitty’s talent. It seems that the kitty is a master at playing the popular Shell Game. You generally don’t expect cats to play this game, let alone be an expert at it. But this kitty is surely different.

This rescuer turned out to be pretty lucky. The kitty is truly a genius at the game.

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The kitty has gained a lot of fame due to this special talent of the kitty. His followers are growing day by day.

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The kitty doesn’t even seem like he is paying attention, but his predictions are never wrong.

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Watch this video to see how smart this kitty is. He effortlessly masters the game. No one can beat the kitty at it. This has turned out to be pretty amusing. We are trying to find out how the kitty has achieved this mastery at the game. Maybe he is just using his intuitive powers. It’s just a guess. Watch the video and help us figure out!

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