Max The CAT Is Ready For His ENCORE and He Deserves A GRAMMY! WATCH Him Sing For The Camera!!

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Cats are a pet of multiple talents. Their looks, their unique attitude, and even their ability to sleep just about anywhere!

Well, here’s one talent that you may not have tought a cat could possess. This beautiful Maine Coon Cat is capable of singing, and singing well at that too!

The cat’s name is Max. He loves spending his day doing his favourite activity- singing. And in this particular video, we see that Max’s human mom has started with singing Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star. And Max has absolutely no problems in joining in! He makes up a delighted face, and with a beautiful falsetto “MEOWW” joins in in the singing!

We wonder where the road is now for Max. Perhaps the next stop is the local opera theatre. And after that, who know? Perhaps the Grammys?!

Do you think Max has in him to make it that far? Watch the video of his performance below and tell us in the comments!

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