Man Tries to Grab Stuffed Cat But Then Gets Hilarious Surprise When He Realises It’s Not Fake

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We’ve all tried our hands at different arcade games, and we all know, first hand, how difficult they can be to win Especially those claw crane games, where one is supposed to pick up one of the toys from inside a transparent container. It all seems so easy, yet is quite difficult.

The things put inside such cabinets are quite alluring, so it’s no surprise this claw crane pick me up game sells so well. But sometimes, these games can have quite the twist.

This guy in the video was also trying his hand at the game. He really wanted a stuffed cat that was lying there. There was just one problem- it wasn’t a stuffed cat, it was a REAL cat!

The cat had somehow climbed inside the machine, just in the search of a good place for a nap. And the man’s reaction on realizing that it is a real cat is quite amazing. Check out the whole clip below, it will leave you with a big smile on your face!

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