Man Rescues ‘Scrawny’ Kitten Abandoned By Mother – Look At Her After All Of His Love And Care

Man Rescues Scrawny Kitten Featured

A kitten needs her mother the most. If one is left alone at a young age, there are very fewer chances that the kitty would learn how to survive. Sansa, the kitten, went through a similar situation but luckily she was rescued by a compassionate human.
Tiny Cat 1
Alan found the kitten in a terrible condition. She was very skinny and needed constant care and attention. The kitty refused to eat initially that worsened the condition. But once she started trusting Alan, she starting healing and turned into a healthy kitty.
Tiny Cat 2
We are sure that the mother kitty would have been really upset to leave the little one alone. But maybe she didn’t have any other choice. There are various reasons why kittens are abandoned by their mother. Some of them include the ill health of the mother kitty, severe deformities at the time of birth or anemia.
Tiny Cat 3
If the mother kitty feels that she won’t be able to take care of the kittens due to being underweight or some other sickness. Sansa was really weak and needed special care. She was rejected by her mother for obvious reasons. But she was rescued by Alan who ensured that the kitty gets to live a life she truly deserves. Sansa even got a companion kitty after some time.
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