Little Details In Everyday Things That We All Missed To Notice Before

23 Little Details In Everyday Things That Youve Never Noticed Before 21

Often in our busy lives, we end up underappreciating the beautiful details of everyday things simply because of how often we see them. For instance, did you know there’s a tiny hole near the iPhone camera? No? Well, fret not, because we’ve got you.


Here are the minute yet astonishing details in everyday things that you failed to notice until now.


Ever payed close attention to Mario’s hand?

Ever Noticed The Hand Of Mario

You might have played Mario a thousand times over the years but we can bet that you’ve never noticed what we’re about to share with you.


Mario Kart

Mario doesn’t break bricks by his head, he does it with his hand!


Shape of a USB looks similar to an animal?

Technology Facts

Unless you’re living under a rock, you must’ve used a USB drive at least a thousand times by now but have you noticed that the USB looks awfully similar to an animal?

No? Try looking at it again.

Usb Facts

Yes! The head of a USB looks extremely similar to the shape of a duck! You can never unsee this!

What’s that strange thing on your laptop’s charging cable?

Everyday Things That We Never Notice

Most laptop charger cables come with a “bump” near their end, but have you ever wondered what is it and why did the manufacturer put it there?

Well, here’s why!

Everyday Things

These “bumps” are known as ferrite chokes. Their main purpose is to drastically reduce electromagnetic interference (a.k.a EMI) and radio-frequency interference ( a.k.a RFI). Some manufacturers also put up a little fuse in these bumps to protect you and your laptop from an unwarranted electric shock.

Ever wondered why is there a hole on all the windows of a plane?

Airplane Mystery

Even if you’re a frequent flyer we bet you don’t know this one.


Airplane Window

That little hole you see on the window of your plane has actually saved your life! This hole helps stable air pressure between the air inside the cabin and the outer atmosphere. This cute little hole makes sure that the cabin pressure during flight is applied only to the outer pane.


Every iPhone has this tiny hole, but have you ever wondered what is it?

Hole Near The IPhone Camera

You must’ve seen countless iPhones until now, probably even owned a few, but have you ever noticed that there’s a small hole on the back just beside the camera?

That hole isn’t a manufacturing defect! It actually serves a very important purpose.


Iphone Facts

That tiny hole is actually a microphone. Thanks to its three-microphone setup (the third one being this hole), the iPhone can pick up sound from any direction, no matter how you’re holding your phone. Pretty neat, no?


Why do converse shoes have two holes in them?

Everyday Things That We Never Notice Pt 2

These holes aren’t there just for show, they actually serve a pretty important purpose.


Thanks to these holes, you can lace up your shoes in the way that is shown above to avoid showing extra lace. This also helps a lot if the shoes are larger for your feet. And in case your shoe is just the perfect size or you’re contempt with the amount of lace that is showing, these holes can be left as it is allowing them to act as ventilation for your toes.

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