Landlord Faces Police Action After Rescuing Tenant’s Cat He Found Starving And Surviving On Toilet Water!

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These days people won’t appreciate you much if you try to help them. Instead, you might end up finding yourself in trouble. A landlord was punished for helping his tenant’s little kitty that was trapped all alone.

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Michael Moody came to know about the kitty from the neighbors who heard the kitty’s cry. They knew that the kitty was in some trouble. After rescuing the kitty, Michael was feeling really bad for the poor animal. He was really friendly but badly neglected by his human.
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The whole apartment was in a very bad condition. They don’t know for how long the poor kitty was trapped in. The apartment was covered with faces and garbage bags. You can just imagine what the kitty might have faced all this while.
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The kitty was named Bobby Michael. He was even threatened by the tenant. Michael refused to hand back the kitty to him, seeing the way he kept the little fur ball.
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You will be really appalled by the kitty’s condition. He was surviving on toilet water. Michael didn’t care about anything and went to rescue the kitty. He was giving warnings about police intervention, but he still did what he felt was right.

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