Kitty Becomes Soldier’s Best Friend, Hasn’t Left Her Side For 4 Years!

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Being a soldier is not an easy task. A soldier not only has to stay away from his home but has to put their lives in grave dangers as well. It also considered as one of the most stressful jobs in US according to a study that is known as Stress and Emotional Well-Being in Military Organizations.

It is really important that measures must be taken to help the soldiers to cope with the stress of their everyday hectic routine.


Julie Cordes has an amazing companion who has been with her in every situation. The little kitty called Sophie is her best friend and supports her in everything.

Julie feels that the kitty has made things a lot easier for her and is a great stress buster. She can’t even imagine how she would have dealt with the stress without the kitty.


Julie takes the kitty wherever she goes. There is no way that she can leave the kitty behind.


Julie’s daughter had brought the kitty home and she got quickly attached to the kitty.


We soon became buddies and travelling companions,” Julie explained. “She has lived with me in Illinois, Arizona, Kansas and now Maryland.”

The kitty is very lively and affectionate. She is always doing something or the other to make her momma have a good laugh. The kitty has got a great sense of humour.

The kitty deeply understands Julie and is always the first one to comfort her and be there for her in the tough times.


Sophie helps me stay sane with all the moving we’ve done. If I get upset, she talks to me and stays close by. She has put her paw on my mouth to calm me.”

The kitty is lovely and has taught everyone the value of unconditional love.

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