Kitten desperately wanted to leave shelter with forever human, so she begged this woman to adopt him

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Kittens all around the world are stuck, without family, in animal shelters. And this is the reasons why pet enthusiasts around the world have taken it upon themselves to spread the message of “Adopt, don’t shop”.

Just have a look at this woman. She decided to adopt a kitten, and walked into a pet store. And as soon as the kitten laid her eyes on her, the feline knew that she had to live with the woman. She clung to her, and just refused to let go. Her wish was apparent and obvious!

The sweet woman did the correct thing- she adopted the kitten. But she also had the presence of mind to realize that kitten may need companions, so she adopted another kitten as well!

Now, these two besties roam around the house, purring gloriously together!

Watch this video of the kittens sweet, sweet story, and tell us what you thought of it in the comments!

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