Kitten Abandoned Because of Her Twisted Arms And Legs Hours After Birth – See Her Epic Transformation Now!

Kitten Twisted Legs

There is a reason that we all have grown up learning this popular saying- “where there is a will, there is a way”. It holds true for most things and situations we face in life. And it’s valid not just for humans, but for all animals as well!

Meet Pretzel and her two siblings. The three were just delicate little kittens when they were dumped at a local Los Angeles shelter. And one glance in their direction quickly revealed why that was the case. The siblings were born with a serious genetic disease, one that presented such abnormalities that simply living life itself was a challenge for them. Their arms and legs were both twisted inside, in a cruel fashion. What this meant was that a simple thing such as walking was a huge chore for them.

And the scale of the problem took a toll on the siblings. One of the siblings died on her second night. And a few months later, Curly Sue also passed away.

Pretzel was left alone, the lone survivor. Most people in his situation would simply have given up hope, but Pretzel was a fighter. She didn’t care if she had to crawl to reach laps. She didn’t care how hard she had to live, as long as she lived.

Her dedication has lead Pretzel to live a quite satisfying life now, with the perfect mom. Just check out the video below-

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