Japanese Illustrator Creates The Most Adorable Cat Comics Ever, And It Will Make Your Day

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Everyone gets pretty excited when it comes to cat stories. The stories of the feline creatures get even more interesting when they are told with the help of illustrations. The funny illustrations not only help you understand better but also aid your imagination skills to get the clearer picture. Nitori Sasami, a Japanese artist, created a chain of such illustrations depicting the life of a cat and its hooman.

They have become really popular on the internet. But if you still haven’t seen them, here’s a chance for you to catch a hold of them. The artist has done complete justice to the kitty story and it will be really wrong on our part if we don’t appreciate them. Have a glance of these illustrations below. We are sure that they will be a good start to your day!


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You must be either laughing hard by now or at least nodding your heads. So what are you waiting for! Share this post with your friends and let them have an opportunity to appreciate this artist’s work. You don’t get to see such amazing art every day. Comment to share your views with us about these amusing kitty illustrations.

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