Japanese Company to Launch “Smart Cat Toilet” That Can Identify Health Problems

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Sharp Corp has developed a Pet Care Monitor that will help you to easily detect any cat health issues that you need to be concerned about. The smart toilet available in Japan measures the weight and the urine data required for keeping a track of the kitty’s health. The owners are given an alert via their smartphones in case of any abnormality.

The special Pet Care Monitor will cost around $226 and will be available in the Japanese markets from 30 July this year.

The product makes use of internet and artificial intelligence. The product is the first of its kind and will give a boost to the development of the domestic pet market. The company is also looking at its future prospective of tapping into the overseas market.
In a Tokyo conference, Yoshisuke Hasegawa, who is a senior executive managing officer, said,

Pets are now considered as part of the family and IoT technology has been used little in the pet market. We joined the market with the aim of expanding our business and realizing a ‘smart’ life.

The cat toilet takes into the record the number of times a cat urinates each day, cat’s weight, length of time the kitty spends on the toilet.

It can be used to analyze the health conditions of three cats using different combinations. Keeping cats is a growing trend among the Japanese as they are easy to keep and require much less attention compared to other pets. So this technology will definitely be very useful.

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