Is This a Cat? Or a Dog? Watch The Confusing Video That Has The Internet Guessing

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We all know, remember, and some of us hate, the big ‘dress colour’ debacle of 2015. Well, here we have something along the lines of that mystery again, and it is of great importance that we get to the bottom of thing mystery right away!

This time, what we have is a video. A video of a small, black animal buzzing around chairs of a dining table. The video is quite puzzling- in the beginning, the subject seems quite convincingly to be a dog. But later on, some of the behaviours seem more in line with what one would come to expect from cats.

And for a few seconds when we actually get light on the subject, it seems like something else entirely!

It was Aster Ryan who posted this gif on the internet. And of course, it sparked a massive debate, one that is yet to come to its conclusion!

Here’s where we’re gonna need your help. Tell us what you think of the video- is it a dog? A cat? Or something else entirely?

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