Internet cat community mourns death of Oskar the Blind Cat

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Oskar, the famous Blind cat, who provided inspiration and comfort for millions around the globe, has unfortunately passed away. The poor cat was six years old.

Oksar’s death was a big surprise- he showed no signs of discomfort prior to it. The cause of death is believed to be heart failure, his owners informed via social media.


To those who do not know of this wonderful being- Oskar was born in May of 2011. He was born with a severe form of microphthalmia, a condition that stopped his eyes from developing fully. Thankfully, he was adopted by a lovely family- by Mick and Bethany Szydlowski.  They began chronicling his life on social media. They had another cat, called Klaus, and he acted like a sidekick to Oskar. Their pairing really hit off, and they became an internet sensation.

The Szydlowskis used the fame for good purposes. Along with uploading the antics of the pair online, they used Oskar to promote adoptions of special needs animals as well.


Oskar’s death has shook the online community to it’s core. The Szydlowskis have recieved condolences from just about everywhere.


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