Hilarious Illustrations That Show The Difference Between Cats And Dogs


It’s always fun to interpret what’s going on in an animal’s mind. Jimmy Craig is an amazing comic artist who has understood the minds of animals very well. Jimmy Craig says,


When I look at animals I try to imagine what they can actually be saying. I think animals, like humans, have their own unique personalities so it’s fun to imagine the conversations they might have. My wife just told me we’re getting two cats really soon.
See these amazing sketches and know if you understand your pets or not.

#1 Now you know what’s going on when you hear something break in your kitchen.


Screen Shot 2018 03 12 At 5.31.07 PM

#2 What a dog thinks towards his duties is absolutely necessary for you to know.


Screen Shot 2018 03 12 At 5.31.23 PM

#3 When your kitty likes what you are doing, but also wants to attack you at the same time.


Screen Shot 2018 03 12 At 5.31.43 PM
Screen Shot 2018 03 12 At 5.31.52 PM

#4 How hard it is for your dog to stop himself from attacking everyone.


Screen Shot 2018 03 12 At 5.32.16 PM

#5 Your cats will do anything for your safety. Even if that includes disturbing your sleep.


Screen Shot 2018 03 12 At 5.32.29 PM

#6 Your cats and dogs may not like the same thing. Take care of that.


Screen Shot 2018 03 12 At 5.32.38 PM

#7 You are supposed to know the exact way to pet your kitty. Don’t get too close and don’t stay away as well.


Screen Shot 2018 03 12 At 5.32.47 PM

#8 Your kitty knows what’s necessary and what’s not. You better take advice from them or you may be in loss.


Screen Shot 2018 03 12 At 5.32.54 PM

#9 Your pets know exactly what to appreciate. They will not waste their time appreciating the things that don’t even benefit them in real.


Screen Shot 2018 03 12 At 5.33.01 PM

#10 Your kitty won’t give anything for free. They are extremely smart and will receive the right value of everything.


Screen Shot 2018 03 12 At 5.33.08 PM

If you enjoyed these funny animal animations, share with friends and family. Do you also interpret the meaning of different gestures that your pets make? Isn’t it fun?

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